A new kind
of bank.

We create targeted products to make people better off.

What we do

Unlike traditional Banks, we’re not looking to build a customer base and then cross-sell to them. Instead, we focus on distinct customer segments that are underserved by the market, creating innovative products to meet their needs.

We do this through different brands, not one, because what works for one customer isn’t necessarily right for all customers. We also do this for other industries and companies too, offering them white-labelled products with no upfront investment. Our business model is focused on keeping costs low, with state-of-the-art, cloud-based technology, and digital distribution with partners such as ClearScore and MoneySuperMarket.

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SmartSave provides better fixed term, fixed rate savings accounts, offering a simple way to save online at a great rate - for new and existing customers.

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The LiveLend Reward Loan is a world first; a truly dynamic loan that adapts to improvements in our customers’ credit score. As their score goes up, their rate comes down.

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BetterBorrow offers customers a quick and simple loan; one with an instant online decision, their personalised rate upfront and their money in minutes.

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