How consumers can rebuild in the aftermath of high inflation
13o June 2024
With the latest data from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) revealing that inflation had dropped year-on-year from 3.2% in March to 2.3% in April, people could be forgiven for thinking their financial pressures would be relieved. However, prices—which rocketed between 2022 and the end of 2023—are still climbing, just at a slower rate. The effects of the cost-of-living crisis and high inflation environment of recent years will continue despite inflation edging closer to the Government’s 2% target. Therefore, staying vigilant for opportunities to improve your financial situation and take advantage of the gradually easing economic conditions is important.
Chetwood Financial acquires CHL Mortgages for Intermediaries
20o May 2024
UK digital bank Chetwood Financial (Chetwood) has completed the acquisition of the buy to let mortgage lender CHL Mortgages for Intermediaries (CMI) from Barossa Asset Purchaser Sarl (Barossa).
Navigating Financial Stress: Tools and Strategies for a Secure Future
8o May 2024
Virtually everyone would admit to feeling some level of financial stress at some point in their lives. However, with the cost-of-living crisis ongoing and the lasting impact of high inflation continuing to impact people’s lives, that stress is even more widespread. And it's not going away. The good news is that tools and resources are available to help you overcome any financial stress you might be feeling.
Making the most of the fixed-term savings opportunity
30o April 2024
Many savers will have already taken full advantage of the current interest rate environment, shopping around for the best returns and diversifying their savings portfolio to maximise the short- and long-term benefits. However, with a cut to the base rate likely in the short term, those able to save should maximise the opportunity while it remains. But what is the fixed term savings opportunity? Our latest blog explains all.
SmartSave exceeds £2bn in deposits
11o April 2024
SmartSave, the savings proposition from UK digital bank Chetwood Financial, has doubled last year’s milestone by reaching a total of more than £2 billion currently held in direct deposits.
Navigating Debt: A Path to Financial Wellbeing
20o March 2024
Debt Awareness Week is a timely reminder to reflect on the significance of addressing debt and its far-reaching impact on our lives. Firstly, it’s important to acknowledge that debt isn't just a financial burden—it can also take a toll on our relationships and overall quality of life. Moreover, the implications of debt extend beyond the immediate emotional toll; they can hinder our long-term financial goals and aspirations, preventing us from building the future we envision. In this blog, we delve into the importance of debt awareness and proactive management, explore some strategies to cope with debt and plot a course to get out from under it.
Are approaches and attitudes to retirement planning changing?
6o March 2024
There was once a fairly simple perception of retirement – you worked at a company for 30 years, they gave you a watch and then you went on permanent gardening leave. While this might have been the case for our parent’s generation, this idea doesn’t hold true for the current world of work. Interested to find out current attitudes on retirement, we undertook an independent research survey of 2,000 UK adults. This blog highlights our findings.
Roselle Allsop joins Chetwood Financial as director of marketing
27o February 2024
Chetwood Financial has appointed Roselle Allsop as its new director of marketing. Allsop has more than 23 years’ experience in marketing within financial services, including several roles at senior management level, providing strategic direction, setting strategy, and specialising in brand creation.
The importance of a rainy-day fund
19o February 2024
In the wake of a cost-of-living crisis, putting money aside for savings will have taken a back seat for many, yet a robust financial buffer is still a must-have for households everywhere, and any amount put aside is better than nothing. Here are some reasons why you must continue to invest in your savings for a rainy day.
How to establish a long-term savings plan
5o February 2024
The start of the year can be a time when we set out financial goals for the year ahead, often short-term targets, such as saving for a holiday or a new phone. But when it comes to the long-term goals – a wedding, a house, or a new car – how do you go about saving for the big things in life? Our blog details all.
What does inflation mean for consumers?
22o January 2024
Last week, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) caught many economists and consumers by surprise when it announced that the rate of inflation in the UK rose to 4% in December from 3.9% in November. With the Government achieving its goal of halving inflation in 2023 (cutting it to under 5%), many thought that inflation would continue to fall, leading to more financial stability. However, the news that prices have risen, no matter how slight, coupled with the fact that real wages compared to prices aren’t predicted to return to 2021 levels until 2027, means that it's as important as ever for you to understand what inflation means for your finances.
Chetwood Financial names Julian Hynd as COO
8o January 2024
Chetwood Financial has announced Julian Hynd as its new Chief Operations Officer.
Your Ultimate Guide to Smart Holiday Savings in 2024
5o January 2024
With the holiday season fresh in our memories, it is easy to recall joy and celebration – but also the financial stress. With the cost-of-living crisis continuing to impact our wallets, it's crucial to take a proactive approach to bolstering savings ahead of the coming year’s travels and festivities. In this guide, we'll share practical tips to help you plan ahead and make the most of available tools so you can refine your budgeting strategies and ensure you're financially prepared for whatever 2024 brings.
ModaMortgages announces new head of sales and two BDMs
28o November 2023
ModaMortgages has announced Scott Phillips as its new head of sales. The specialist buy-to-let (BTL) lender has also hired Becki Fraser-Tucker as a senior business development manager (BDM), while Bec Murray joins as a BDM.
Darrell Walker unveiled as ModaMortgages’ head of mortgage sales and distribution
8o November 2023
Darrell Walker has officially been unveiled as head of mortgage sales & distribution at ModaMortgages, a new specialist buy-to-let (BTL) mortgage lender from Chetwood Financial.
Avoiding the savings loyalty penalty
10o October 2023
Chetwood Financial, the bank behind savings brand SmartSave, has undertaken research with 2,000 UK adults to see whether consumers are maximising their savings returns. The results were stark. Customers remain loyal to high-street banks even though higher savings interest rates are available elsewhere. Our latest blog looks at this phenomenon, and how you can avoid the savings loyalty penalty.
Ian Lonergan named as Chetwood Financial’s new group chair
13o September 2023
Chetwood Financial has announced Ian Lonergan as its new group chair.
Things to consider before opening a fixed-term savings account
22o August 2023
In this blog, we delve deeper into fixed-term savings accounts. We examine the key considerations you should make before putting your savings into a fixed-term account and explore why they’re often a good choice when protecting your hard-earned money in the current economic climate.
Wrexham-based Chetwood Financial named on Wales Fast Growth 50 again
22o August 2023
Wrexham-based Chetwood Financial has been named on the 2023 Wales Fast Growth 50 list for the second year running. The list celebrates the 50 fastest-growing firms in the Welsh economy, championing high-growth, home-grown businesses that make a significant contribution to jobs and wealth creation.
Sounding the alarm: what to do if you've been defrauded
15o August 2023
Fraud is on the rise. And the rising cost of living is providing fertile ground for scammers to do their worst - more than half of the population have been a victim of a scam or fraud so far in 2023. But what do you do if it happens to you? Our latest blog tells all.
Tackling Britain’s fraud pandemic: what banks should do to help
4o August 2023
Fraud is the most commonly experienced crime in the UK - you're twice as likely to be a victim of scamming than any other crime. While there are things that you can do to protect yourself from fraud and scams, banks and financial services providers also have a duty of care to help prevent you from becoming a victim. Our latest blog talks about these responsibilities and the things your providers should be doing as a minimum.
How to save money when you’re struggling to make ends meet
5o June 2023
Struggling to save money each month? You're not alone. Learn how to save even when finances are tight with our top tips. From paying yourself first to trying a 'no-spend' month, discover creative ways to build your savings. Every little helps!
The importance of dealing with financial stress
12o April 2023
Maintaining a healthy budget and navigating the many challenges of your finances is difficult at the best of times, but with record inflation and a rampant cost-of-living crisis, avoiding financial stress is more difficult than ever.
Fraud in a downturn: how are threats changing as a recession looms?
3o April 2023
Learn more about the uptick in fraud and latest scams with our helpful guide on everything you need to know.
Starting Your Debt Management Journey
23o March 2023
Whether you're struggling with debt or just want to get a better handle on your finances, we're here to help you through the first steps to take control of your finances and begin reducing your debt. Read our guide to learn more about assessing your finances, exploring different debt repayment strategies, and practical tips to help you reach your financial goals.
The Psychology of Debt: Understanding Your Money Mindset
21o March 2023
This National Debt Awareness Week 2023, we're guiding you through the different money mindsets and how yours could impact your financial habits and attitudes towards debt. We’ll help you to identify your own money mindset so that you can take control of your financial situation and build a healthier relationship with money.
The impact of debt on mental health and how to support loved ones that are struggling with debt
20o March 2023
Debt can be a complex and sensitive issue that can be difficult to talk about, but it’s essential to understand the link between debt and mental health and how to provide support to loved ones who are struggling with money worries.
Are we headed for another financial crisis?
13o March 2023
Discover what caused the recent collapse of Silicon Valley Bank, what it means for UK investors, and why UK savers can rest easy with SmartSave.
Tackling savings inequity
9o March 2023
From systemic issues like the gender pay gap and caregiving responsibilities to a crisis of confidence, we've examined some of the factors restraining women's financial freedom. Don't miss out on how businesses can better support women to build financial resilience and safeguard their futures.
SmartSave Bank hits £1bn in deposits
27o February 2023
SmartSave Bank, the savings platform created by Chetwood Financial, has hit £1bn in deposits following accelerated growth over the past year.
SmartSave Bank teams up with cash deposit platform Flagstone
22o February 2023
SmartSave, Chetwood's savings brand, partners with Flagstone, offering fixed rate, fixed term savings accounts to Flagstone clients and scaling up deposit-raising activities.
Understanding the recession: what it means for your finances
15o February 2023
Worried about how a recession might impact your money? Our guide is here to help. From understanding what it could mean for your money and the steps you can take to weather the storm, we've got you covered.
NAW 2023: From Military to Tech
10o February 2023
National Apprenticeship Week is a time to celebrate the impact that apprenticeships have on individuals, businesses and the wider economy. At Chetwood, we’re proud to offer opportunities for individuals like Shane to start a new career path in the technology and banking industry.
Understanding increases to the cost of credit
8o February 2023
How does inflation and interest rate hikes affect your credit card payments? Read our helpful guide on general repricing and risk-based repricing to understand how these changes can impact your finances and what you can do to manage your finances in this challenging economic climate.
NAW 2023: Celebrating the power of on-the-job learning
7o February 2023
Join us as we celebrate National Apprenticeship Week by meeting Ryan, one of our successful IT apprentices. Read about his journey with Chetwood and how our apprenticeship program has helped him develop valuable skills for life. Click to learn more and explore opportunities at Chetwood.
Banking as a Service in 2023: What does the future hold for BaaS?
9o January 2023
With the BaaS market predicted to reach $11.34 billion by 2030, and the current market considering traditional banking models as outdated and costly, our experts have pulled together three top trends that businesses looking to leverage BaaS opportunities are exploring.
9 Ways to keep costs low on Christmas gifts
10o November 2022
The holidays are a great time for families to spend quality time together, but they also come with added expenses. Here are some tips on how to keep costs down this year.
Cost of living crisis pushes consumers to go digital
8o November 2022
Britons are changing how they interact with their personal finances and the UK’s banks due to the cost-of-living crisis, according to a new independent survey of 2,000 UK adults by Chetwood Financial.
Be Fraud Aware: How Scammers Are Using Malware To Infiltrate Your Devices
3o November 2022
Criminals are getting smarter and they’re banking on you being unaware of their tactics, which is why we’re here to help you strengthen your fraud defences with our latest blog on how malware fraud works.
Be Fraud Aware: Learn How to Spot Phishing, Smishing and Vishing Attempts
20o October 2022
Criminals are finding new ways to access our sensitive information through phishing every single day. And with many of us completing more activities online than ever before, it's important to be able to identify a fake message. We're helping you do just that.
Unlocking the benefits of Banking-as-a-Service: what should I look for in a provider?
10o October 2022
Although the benefits of BaaS are many, that doesn't mean there aren't nuances and difficulties to navigate along the way. That's why we’ve listed some of the priorities you should consider when choosing a BaaS provider.
Chetwood Financial and Mumsnet team up to launch new family-focused financial services
29o September 2022
Chetwood Financial announces a new partnership with parenting forum Mumsnet, with plans to launch a new family-focused financial services proposition in 2023.
How inflation impacts your savings
22o August 2022
The cost-of-living crisis poses a serious problem to millions of households all over the UK. With inflation figures currently sitting at 40-year highs and set to increase, we’ve put together a guide to help you understand how inflation impacts your savings and what you can do to minimise some of its effects.
Chetwood makes the 2022 Wales Fast Growth 50 list
9o August 2022
Chetwood Financial has been honoured as one of the fastest growing businesses in Wales
Be Fraud Aware: Remaining vigilant with fraud on the rise
8o August 2022
Fraud - now the most prevalent crime in the country – has reached epidemic levels in the UK. With prosecution rare, it’s essential that people are vigilant in spotting and preventing fraud. To help you do that, we've gathered our ten top tips on how to protect yourself from fraud.
BetterBorrow warns of imitation website scam
1o August 2022
BetterBorrow has issued a warning over a scam website operating under its name. The borrowing platform, which is powered by the UK digital bank Chetwood Financial, is hosted on An imitation scam has been launched under the domain
Andy Mielczarek appointed to FCA’s Smaller Business Practitioner Panel
30o May 2022
The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has appointed Andy Mielczarek as the Chair of the FCA Smaller Business Practitioner Panel, succeeding Marlene Shiels.
Chetwood Financial acquires Yobota to expand BaaS capabilities
24o March 2022
Today we announce the acquisition of core banking provider Yobota to extend Chetwood’s Banking-as-a-Service (BaaS) capabilities.
Team Chetwood on International Women's Day, #BreakTheBias and Gender Equality in Tech and Finance
8o March 2022
To celebrate International Women's Day 2022, our inspirational Chetwood team members Abi Bebb, Sally Hannigan, Lini Cao, Luc Brown and Sophia Sanders have given us their thoughts on the meaning of International Women's day, who inspires them, gender equality in tech and finance and how we all can work towards a more equal representation in these fields.
Meet Chetwood's graduate treasury and regulatory reporting analyst, Tarik Ali
1o March 2022
Chetwood's Tarik Ali tells us about his development journey as a graduate treasury and regulatory reporting analyst and his advice for current and new graduates.
In Profile: Andy Mielczarek of Chetwood Financial and Ammar Akhtar of Yobota
11o January 2022
Chetwood CEO Andy Mielczarek and Yobota CEO Ammar Akhtar sit down together to discuss the opportunities of Banking as a Service in the light of their recent partnership announcement.
Development and making customers better off at Chetwood with Perform Partners
15o December 2021
Chetwood's Chief Information Officer, Adrian Gurnell, and Risk & Compliance Director, Paul Patterson, joins Perform Partners' 'All Things Change' podcast to talk about how Chetwood works to be the change.
Leadership, development and supporting your team with Chetwood Operations Director, Sean Lynskey.
14o December 2021
Chetwood Operations Director, Sean Lynskey, reflects on what it means to be a leader and how he embraces and invests in developing himself and others during life at Chetwood.
Chetwood Legal Counsel, Emma Udi, recognised in 2022 Northern Power Women 'Person with Purpose' shortlist
13o December 2021
Emma Udi talks about her work with the charity Dive In Education after being nominated for the 2022 Northern Power Women 'Person with Purpose'.
As fintech grows, should the same regulation apply to digital banks?
10o November 2021
Chetwood's Chief Financial Officer, Simon Allsop, considers the current market and whether it would be easier to maintain a more simplistic set of regulations for the smaller, digital players.
Chetwood Financial: Increasing the Contactless Limit Will Empower UK Consumers
2o November 2021
Chetwood CEO, Andy Mielczarek, recently shared his thoughts with The Fintech Times on the possible advantages and disadvantages of the newest increase to contactless payments in the UK.
Chetwood placed no.15 within 2021's FinTech 50
25o October 2021
Chetwood Financial has made the top 20 within Business Cloud's 2021 FinTech 50 innovation list.
Women in Fintech: Creating a Rope Ladder for Others with Chetwood Financial
25o October 2021
Chetwood's Distribution Lead, Sophia Sanders, shares how she paved the way for others to follow as part of The Fintech Times 'Women in Fintech' series.
Women in Fintech: Paving the Way with Chetwood Financial
21o October 2021
Chetwood's Commercial Director, Julia McColl, shares her thoughts and advice on how to pave the way for others as part of The Fintech Times 'Women in Fintech' series.
Women in Fintech: Smashing the Glass Ceiling with Chetwood Financial
17o October 2021
Chetwood's Distribution Lead, Sophia Sanders, shares how she smashes the glass ceiling as part of The Fintech Times 'Women in Fintech' series.
Chetwood Financial appoints CIO
12o October 2021
Adrian Gurnell has joined Chetwood as Chief Information Officer.
Women in Fintech: Greatest Achievements with Chetwood Financial
6o October 2021
Chetwood's Commercial Director, Julia McColl, shares her greatest achievement as part of The Fintech Times 'Women in Fintech' series.
Why financial inclusion could ensure the success of the neobanks
19o July 2021
Chetwood’s Commercial Director talks financial inclusion on IBS intelligence podcast.
FSTech Panel: Digital transformation in banking
7o July 2021
How quickly are customer expectations changing in the new cyber risk landscape?
LiveLend wins at Finder Lending Innovation Awards 2021
21o June 2021
Chetwood’s dynamic loan wins in the ‘Personal Loans Innovation’ category.
The digital bank as manufacturer
18o June 2021
Financial IT sits down with Mark Jenkinson, Chetwood’s Co-Founder and Director of Strategy.
Leave Tech to the Fintechs: The path forward for legacy banks
15o June 2021
Andrew Arwas, Head of Corporate Development at Chetwood Financial explains.
Tour de Chetwood 2021
10o June 2021
Chetwood cyclists took on the London to Wrexham journey for a great cause.
Financial IT interview with Chetwood’s Distribution Lead
9o June 2021
Chetwood’s Distribution Lead, Sophia Sanders, recently spoke to Financial IT about what makes Chetwood a new kind of bank and how our Banking as a Service offering can help any companies whose customers have a financial need. Watch their conversation back below.
How can Fintechs solve the Financial Inclusion issue?
4o June 2021
Chetwood’s Commercial Director sits down with The Fintech Times to explain.
The Rise of the Digital Bank
20o May 2021
Chetwood CEO speaks to Business News Wales about creating a thriving digital bank in Wales.
Under the Hood podcast: Why can't banks innovate
20o May 2021
Chetwood CEO joins Under the Hood podcast to answer the big question: Why do banks struggle to innovate?
Banking as a Service: who is it for?
23o April 2021
Head of Corporate Development, Andrew Arwas, explains why BaaS should not be misunderstood as simply the next technology model.
Chetwood's Distribution Manager recognised in Rising Star shortlist
18o April 2021
Jessica Seager has been recognised as one of the top 100 Rising Stars of 2021.
Julia McColl joins The Savings Guru podcast
14o April 2021
Chetwood’s Commercial Director spoke to The Savings Guru founder, James Blower, about all things Chetwood.
Spotlight on automation and analytics in the data centre
1o April 2021
Chetwood co-founder joined FStech’s expert panel for their recent webinar.
A day in the life... IWD 2021
8o March 2021
Chetwood celebrates International Women’s Day by sharing what a typical day at a not so typical bank looks like.
Fintech Finance Virtual Arena: How to Build a Digital Bank
15o February 2021
Chetwood CEO, Andy Mielczarek, joined Fintech Finance’s latest webinar to discuss building a digital bank.
A target market should be a target market
13o February 2021
Chetwood Commercial Director, Julia McColl and Katie Hobson, Future Kings’ Account Director led the discussion on the importance of creating and launching brands with distinct customer segments.
Chetwood Financial rethinks banking business models
1o February 2021
In a recent interview, Chetwood CEO, Andy Mielczarek, spoke to The Banker about how Chetwood’s philosophy stands out in an evolving UK banking landscape.
Personalisation is the future of modern banking
14o January 2021
What if you could truly understand the needs of a niche target market and deliver a product just to them?
Andy Mielczarek joins FT Panel: Banking the Underbanked - Bridging the Digital Divide
3o December 2020
Chetwood CEO, Andy Mielczarek, joined the panel to share his thoughts on bridging the digital divide.
Chetwood awarded ‘Best use of Data’
25o November 2020
For our innovative use of data within our products, Chetwood won the ‘Best Use of Data’ award at the 2020 UK Business Tech Awards.
Jessica Rusu talks AI in Financial Services
24o November 2020
In The Fintech Times' latest webinar, Chetwood’s Chief Data Officer, Jessica Rusu, joined the panel to explore how AI has progressed in the financial services sector.
MERJE Meets...Chris Blampey - Head of Risk Strategy at Chetwood
16o November 2020
In the latest MERJE Meets, the specialist recruitment agency sat down with Chetwood’s Head of Risk Strategy, Chris Blampey.
Chetwood shortlisted for 2020 Engage Awards
13o October 2020
Chetwood's consumer lending brand, LiveLend, has been named as a finalist in the Best Use of Technology in Customer Engagement category in the 2020 Engage Awards.
Chetwood’s Commercial Director talks BetterBorrow with FinTech Futures
6o October 2020
Julia McColl spoke to FinTech Futures’ Ruby Hinchcliffe about BetterBorrow, Chetwood’s multiple brand strategy and how we’re continuing to use innovative technology to build more dynamic products for our customers.
Chetwood named UK Business Tech finalist
2o October 2020
Chetwood Financial has been shortlisted in the Best Use of Data category at the UK Business Tech Awards for dynamic loan product, LiveLend.
The Banker Podcast: Andy Mielczarek on the future of the UK’s challenger banks
1o October 2020
Chetwood CEO, Andy Mielczarek, talks to James King about the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the UK's challenger banks, the onset of new regulatory pressures and much more in The Banker's latest podcast.
Chetwood launches second lending product, BetterBorrow
29o September 2020
Chetwood Financial has announced the launch of BetterBorrow, its second lending product designed collaboratively alongside customers with a focus on providing a better borrowing experience.
Chetwood placed within the top 20 of UK’s FinTech Disrupters
28o September 2020
Chetwood Financial has placed at number 19 within 2020's top 100 UK FinTech Disrupters.
Chetwood shortlisted in Business Cloud’s FinTech Disruptors
24o August 2020
Chetwood Financial joins a prestigious list of around 250 companies which have been shortlisted for potential inclusion in the 100 FinTech Disrupters ranking for 2020.
FinTech Futures examines Chetwood Financial’s progress
14o August 2020
Following the news that Chetwood Financial has secured a further £10 million from New York-based hedge fund Elliott, industry magazine FinTech Futures has taken an in-depth look at the digital bank’s ongoing success.
Eliott pumps £10m into digital bank Chetwood
10o August 2020
As reported in the Telegraph this week, New York hedge fund Elliott has upped its stake in Chetwood Financial, bringing its total equity in the firm to £100m.
Chetwood Financial continues expansion with new appointments
27o May 2020
Chetwood Financial has announced the appointment of a new Chief Data Officer, Head of People and Chief Risk Officer.
Chetwood Financial responds to COVID-19 pandemic
26o March 2020
As Chetwood Financial remains open for business during the unprecedented time of the Coronavirus pandemic, their products’ support teams are encouraging customers to get in touch if they’ve been impacted by COVID-19 so that they can help make things more manageable.
Chetwood in the Spotlight: Andy Mielczarek on how Chetwood Financial is making banking better
4o January 2020
In this month’s FinTech Magazine, Andy Mielczarek, CEO and Founder of Chetwood Financial, reflects on the challenger bank’s previous year.
Chetwood’s Commercial Director talks about how LiveLend is changing lives
14o October 2019
Julia McColl, Commercial Director at Chetwood Financial sat down with price comparison website this week, to discuss LiveLend, Chetwood's dynamic loan.
Chetwood’s co-founder and COO Mark Jenkinson on customer data in the cloud
30o September 2019
Mark Jenkinson, co-founder and COO of Chetwood Financial, sat down with FinTech TV to talk about the steps Chetwood is taking to ensure the security of customer data.
LiveLend's customers herald ‘game changing’ Reward Loan
11o August 2019
Since its launch in 2018, LiveLend, Chetwood Financial’s hi-tech loan that rewards borrowers with better rates as they improve their credit score, has made a significant impact on its customers lives.
LiveLend bags a commendation at the FinTech Awards Wales
19o July 2019
Chetwood Financial participated in ClearScore’s inaugural hackathon this week, held as part of the company’s fourth birthday celebrations.
Chetwood Financial codes its way to victory at ClearScore’s Hackathon
11o July 2019
Chetwood Financial participated in ClearScore’s inaugural hackathon this week, held as part of the company’s fourth birthday celebrations.
Chetwood Financial celebrates another successful year at its Chetfest music festival
26o June 2019
Chetwood Financial brought together staff, partners, and suppliers at its Wrexham headquarters for its annual Chetfest event.
Chetwood Financial’s Commercial Director on how financial brands are innovating with data
26o June 2019
Julia McColl, Chetwood Financial’s Commercial Director has spoken to Marketing Week on how the challenger bank is innovating with its use of data.
LiveLend shortlisted at the Consumer Credit Awards
10o June 2019
Set against a backdrop of intense competition, Chetwood Financial’s dynamic loan LiveLend has been shortlisted in the Innovation of the Year category at the Consumer Credit Awards.
This is Money reviews LiveLend - Chetwood Financial’s game changing dynamic loan
4o June 2019
This is Money, the UK’s most trusted provider of consumer financial advice, has reviewed Chetwood Financial’s dynamic loan, LiveLend.
Chetwood partners with Amazon Web Services
1o June 2019
To help realise its vision of disrupting all aspects of the financial services industry, Chetwood Financial has teamed up with Amazon Web Services partner Inawisdom to support its Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) needs.
Chetwood launches SmartSave
4o April 2019
Chetwood Financial is launching its second consumer product to market. SmartSave is a new savings platform that aims to use technology to make customers better off with a fixed term, fixed rate savings account.
LiveLend named 'Best Loan Service Provider'
19o February 2019
Chetwood Financial’s dynamic loan was awarded ‘Best Loan Service Provider’ at the 2019 World Banking Awards.
Chetwood Financial shines a spotlight on outdated financial practices
16o January 2019
Chetwood Financial’s founders, CEO Andy Mielczarek and COO Mark Jenkinson, sat down with Bobsguide to talk about the digital bank’s ethos, and how it is committed to turning antiquated financial services practices on their head.
Chetwood Financial secures full banking licence approval
9o January 2019
Chetwood Financial has secured a full banking licence from the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) – the only retail bank to do so in 2018.
Chetwood Financial featured by BBC Wales
18o December 2018
Chetwood Financial hosted the team at BBC Wales at its Wrexham headquarters, to talk about the strategic importance of being situated in Wales.
Chetwood Financial launch world’s first dynamic loan
30o November 2018
Chetwood Financial have launched the LiveLend Reward Loan. Designed for everyday people, we’re offering something no provider has before - a loan where the rate can fall when a customer’s credit score improves.
Chetwood Financial amongst most innovative technology companies in Wales
23o November 2018
Wales’ biggest media company, Wales Online, has published its annual line-up of 35 great tech focused firms in the country, celebrating established companies going through new exciting technology-driven growth phases and high-growth potential start-ups.
Chetwood Financial supports Wrexham’s first business ‘Lock-in’ event
24o September 2018
The 24 hour free event, a collaboration between Town Square and Big Ideas Wales, was held for local 16-24 year olds.
LiveLend named Consumer Credit Awards finalist
15o June 2018
Chetwood Financial’s first lending product, LiveLend has been shortlisted in the Innovation of the Year category.
Chetwood backs Coleg Cambria’s student awards
6o June 2018
Chetwood Financial has continued its investment into the Wrexham region through sponsorship of Coleg Cambria’s annual student awards.
Chetwood opens doors at Wrexham office
22o September 2017
Chetwood Financial celebrated its official launch yesterday in the presence of Ken Skates AM, Cabinet Secretary for Economy and Infrastructure.