At Chetwood we believe...

It’s only by rethinking everything - from the product strategy to the smallest details - that we can take better products to market and challenge our competitors for the long term.

That a target market should be a target market

We know that customers have different needs. So, instead of creating one product to try and address them all, we create specific products for individual groups of customers. We do this so we can create better products for our customers.

That banking products are too generic

Sure, there are a lot more apps out there, but the fundamental products are just the same. We want our products to be dynamic, so we built the world’s first Reward Loan, where the rate reduces as the credit score increases.

In clear, conduct-friendly product design

We design every element of our products, reviewing each feature and re-assessing its value. We’re clear and transparent. We test every part of the journey and every line of copy with our target market until we’re certain they clearly understand it.

That technology can hold you back

That’s why we build ours from scratch. We use a low cost, full stack banking model leveraging a cloud-based supply chain of partners. This gives us the flexibility to stand up new products quickly and to change features and pricing in real time.

That digital should be cheaper

Our costs are kept low by using serverless technologies to support extreme digital journeys. We offer pre-approved, real rate journeys, with digital contact only through onboarding and servicing. This keeps costs low for our customers.

That you can never have too much data

At the core of all our products is leading data and analytics capabilities. Data, AI and machine learning enhance our decision making and deliver better returns. For our customers, data-sharing with partners enables a seamless one-click buying journey.