1st October 2022 – 31st March 2023

Every six months, we have to submit the following data to the Financial Conduct Authority. It includes a rundown of how many complaints we received and how quickly we resolved them. It also sets us against our competitors for comparison.

Firm name: Chetwood Financial
Brands/trading names covered: SmartSave, LiveLend, BetterBorrow & Wave

Product/service groupingProvision (at reporting period end date)Intermediation (within the reporting period)Number of complaints openedNumber of complaints closedPercentage closed within 3 daysPercentage closed >3 days and within 8 weeksPercentage upheldMain cause of complaints
Banking and credit cards3.18 per 1000 accountsN/A2612612.68%97.31%50.95%Information, sums/charge or product performance
Credit relatedN/AN/A301301N/AN/A20.59%N/A
Product/service groupingBanking and credit cards
Provision (at reporting period end date)3.18 per 1000 accounts
Intermediation (within the reporting period)N/A
Number of complaints opened261
Number of complaints closed261
Percentage closed within 3 days2.68%
Percentage closed >3 days and within 8 weeks97.31%
Percentage upheld50.95%
Main cause of complaintsInformation, sums/charge or product performance
Product/service groupingCredit related
Provision (at reporting period end date)N/A
Intermediation (within the reporting period)N/A
Number of complaints opened301
Number of complaints closed301
Percentage closed within 3 daysN/A
Percentage closed >3 days and within 8 weeksN/A
Percentage upheld20.59%
Main cause of complaintsN/A